FAQs on Royalty-Free Music

1. What is royalty-free music?
Royalty-free music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and then use the music for as long as desired without paying ongoing royalties or additional fees.

2. Can I use royalty-free music in my commercial projects?
Yes, you can use royalty-free music in your commercial projects, including videos, podcasts, advertisements, and more.

3. Do I need to credit IndieTips when using your royalty-free music?
While not required, crediting the artist is a good practice.

4. Can I modify the royalty-free music I purchase?
Yes, you can modify the music, such as cutting, fading, or adding effects, to suit your project.

5. How many times can I use the royalty-free music I've purchased?
You can use the music in multiple projects without having to purchase additional licenses.

6. Is royalty-free music free to use?
No, royalty-free does not mean free. It means you don't have to pay royalties every time you use the music. There is usually an initial purchase price for the license to use the music.

7. Can I redistribute the music as my own?
No, purchasing a license does not grant you the right to sell, redistribute, or claim the music as your own. You can use it in your projects, but you cannot offer the music itself for sale or as part of a distribution.

8. Can I monetize my YouTube video with the music I purchased?
Yes, you can monetize your video after purchasing a license. However, please note the restrictions in the licensing agreement. The music must be used to enhance and add to your project. You could not, for example, upload a single still image with nothing but the music playing.

9. What happens if the music I licensed is later removed from the store?
Once you have purchased a license for music, your rights to use that music according to the license terms are typically not affected by the music being removed from the store.

10. How can I prove that I have a license to use the music?
When you purchase royalty-free music, your order email is proof of your license to use the music in your projects.

11. Who is the music composed by?
The music has been composed by composer Zoe Sones

12. Is the music available anywhere else?
No, the music provided on IndieTips is only available on IndieTips.

13. Why does the sticker on the product artwork display one price, but I'm presented with a different price at checkout?
We are a British-based store, so any product displaying a decorative price tag in the artwork is priced in British pounds.