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Alien Dunes - Sci-Fi Royaly Free Music

Alien Dunes - Sci-Fi Royaly Free Music

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Embark on an auditory expedition through the mystical realms of deserts with 'The Desert Worms', 'The Blistering Suns', and 'The Sand Dunes'. A trio of tracks that feature haunting atmospheres, dreamlike soundscapes, and a pinch mystery, each offering a unique glimpse into the untamed spirit of otherworldly deserts.

Track 1 - The Blistering Suns - 02:30

  • Tempo: 100 BPM
  • Characteristics: Ambience, Grains, Soundscape, Synth Pads, Textural 

Track 2 - The Desert Worms - 03:12

  • Tempo: 50 BPM
  • Characteristics: Expansive, Cinematic, Suspenseful, Dark

Track 3- The Sand Dunes - 03:23

  • Tempo: 65 BPM
  • Characteristics: Cinematic, eerie, atmospheric, mysterious, vocals
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